Guidelines for Journal and Editor Information

The NEHP is an ongoing project. Information on journals and editors, as well as editorials, will be added as it is received and reviewed.

AJN, June 1955

To be considered for inclusion, this is the minimum information on a journal and its editorial history that must be received by the NEHP:

  • Current name of journal, with a picture of the cover (jpg or other photo format)
  • Other name(s) of journal, with dates (if applicable)
  • Year publication began for the journal
  • Year publication ceased (if applicable)
  • Name of Current Editor-in-Chief, with picture
    • Year current Editor-in-Chief was appointed
  • Name of Founding Editor
    • Year Founding Editor was appointed
    • Year Founding Editor stepped down (if applicable)
  • Name of Past Editor(s)
    • For each past Editor, year appointed, and year stepped down
      • While not required, we appreciate any pictures you might have of founding and past editors!
  • Publisher information
    • Current publisher, with dates
    • Past publisher(s), with dates (if applicable)
  • Frequency of publication
    • Current frequency of publication
    • Past frequency of publication (if applicable)
  • Affiliation with a Society or Association
    • If yes, name
  • Mission Statement for the journal
  • Journal Website (URL)
  • Any other relevant historical information that may apply

This data form, which can be downloaded, helps to ensure all information is included. Complete the data form and submit at this page.


The NEHP has a database of editorials for eight journals which is in development. We anticipate uploading the editorials to the website within the next six months. We welcome editorials from other journals to be included as part of this project. At a minimum we need:

  • Inaugural editorial from when the journal was founded;
  • “Good-bye” editorial from the founding editor (if applicable);
  • Inaugural/good-bye editorials from past editors (as available);
  • Other editorials that are significant to the journal’s history; please explain the context.
  • For each editorial that is submitted, we need:
    • The editorial in PDF format;
    • Editor’s name, journal name, editorial title, author of the editorial, year of publication, volume, issue, and pages.
    • 2-5 keywords to be used for indexing.
  • If you would like to submit a complete collection of all editorials from your journal, please contact us to discuss.